Steven Seybold

I’ve spent the last 20 years working for Fortune 500 companies in the interactive and design fields. Throughout my career, I have excelled in enriching both my technical and creative skills. For the past 10+ years, I’ve mastered standing up and integrating email platforms with a clean, thoughtful, and replicable approach.

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Detailed Experience


2022 – 2023

Email Engineering Lead

Built, maintained, and operated a complex Email Design System responsible for deploying all company marketing emails. Implemented javascript task-runners, APIs, vendor services, and email development best practices to deliver campaigns with speed, accuracy, and measurability. The new system improved deployment times from over a month to days and sometimes minutes.

Stitch Fix

2014 – 2022

Manager, Web Development II

Managed and maintained the internal Email Design System to enable the deployment of 20+ unique weekly campaigns reaching 30M+ inboxes. Led email development team of six by providing direction, vision, and KPIs. Helped drive innovation using home-brew solutions and vendor partnerships. Built and maintained strong partnerships with key partners in Engineering, Algorithm, CRM, and other wings of the Stitch Fix organization in order to create rich and measurable 1-1 personalization customer experiences.

SWIRE / eGood

2009 – 2014

Interactive Creative Director

Led interactive creative and development teams for a growing California marketing agency turned startup. Worked with a wide array of clients with diverse needs to constantly provide ambitious content in line with each paradigm shift in the online world.

American Idol / FOX

2005 – 2019

Senior Art Director

Led interactive projects for the award-winning television show’s website, maintaining millions of weekly users with exclusive material and a strong community presence. Worked with high-profile clients such as Apple, Ford, Coke, and AT&T to create co-branded partner content. Created numerous design standards adopted by FOX TV family and maintained to this day.


2004 – 2005

Art Director

Managed overall design strategy for the Evite brand. Redesigned the entire website in three months, including 300+ unique pages. Collaborated with clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Ofoto, and Red Envelope to help drive sales numbers and increase 100M+ monthly page views.


2000 – 2004

Senior Graphic Designer

Helped define the brand identity for the country’s largest ticket provider. Primary designer for numerous successful marketing campaigns for clients including the NBA, NHL, Aerosmith, and more. Collaborated with clients, product management, and marketing teams to develop an easy-to-use reselling tool targeted at season ticket holders. Lead designer for the popular music news site LiveDaily, redesigning and reviving the site to announce and review concerts to drive ticket sales.


University of California, Los Angeles


BA :: Media Arts

After dancing with engineering for almost a year, I realized that my time would be better served in the arts. I went from the south campus to the north campus and never looked back. From courses in 3D animation, color theory, photography, web design, and more, I was hooked on digital media creation.

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