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Trust me to deliver a professional and effective email development process for your company.


Mike Berry
Head of Marketing Technology
Stitch Fix


“Steve is a hands-on manager who provided direction, vision, and KPIs to lead the Email Development team. He encouraged innovation and collaboration, working closely with data science, engineering, and marketing partners. His understanding of how teams fit together was impressive. Would love to work with him again.”


“Steve is a skilled email developer with an impressive portfolio and years of experience. He works efficiently without sacrificing quality and is always pushing for innovative solutions. Additionally, Steve is easy to work with, embraces teamwork, and manages to make work fun. If you need an email developer, Steve is your guy.”

Ricky Egger
Head of Lifecycle & Brand Experience, Marketing

Madi Barbier
Senior Art Director
Stitch Fix / Yohana

“Steve and I have had a successful 7-year partnership at Stitch Fix and Yohana, where he brought unmatched skills to the Dev side. Together, we developed template systems that enable brand uniformity and record-speed email marketing. Without Steve, our tools and strategy would have suffered greatly. He is a fantastic email marketing leader and an absolute pleasure to work with!”

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